Top Online Psychic Readings

Looking for the best online psychics, but not sure where to start? At PsychicHope With so many options to choose from, finding ​real psychic reading can feel like a daunting task.

For every legitimate psychic that wants to use their intuitive ability to ​offer guidance to others, there are just as many fake mediums ​with no real ability at all.

How do you really know who to trust?

I’ve tried everything from phone readings, love readings, dream analysis, chat readings, tarot, astrology, and everything in between.  You name it and I’ve tried it!

Throughout my journey, I’ve tested ​many different psychic networks that offer readings by phone, chat, or video.  Some services I tried provided AMAZING insight into my life, while others offered false predictions that never came true.

​Through trial and error, I’ve discovered where to find the absolute best psychic readings online and how to ​spot a scammer from a mile away.

​If you’re looking ​a really good psychic reading and the cheapest rates, here are my top recommendations for 2020.



Exceptional 9.9

✔ 3 FREE Minutes + 70% Off your first session
✔ Money-back guarantee
✔ Wide variety of specialties


  • Complete anonymity if you use the chat application
  • Wide range of psychics
  • Guaranteed refund policy
  • Offline session available via email
  • First 3 minutes free for every new psychic tried


  • No video chat available
  • Prices vary depending on psychic and reading area
  • Some readers are very expensive – over $30/minute
  • Email sessions cost even more

Keen Psychic


Exceptional 9.6

✔ Get 10 Minutes For Just $1.99
✔ Over 1,700 Gifted Psychics To Choose From
✔ Call or Chat Directly Through Keen App


  • A network of more than 17000 psychics
  • Readings are 100% confidential


  • No option to see a psychic
  • No option to send a text message to the psychic



Very Good 9.0

✔ Easy site navigation
✔ Authentic psychic readings
✔ Webcam readings


  • Streaming video chat available 24/7
  • Great online consumer support service


  • Credits need to be purchased in order to pay for the services



Good 8.5

✔ 4 minutes free chat
✔ Available 24/7
✔ Simple navigation of site


  • They have a wide variety of psychic readers with diverse unique skills
  • They are internationally recognized and operate 24/7 basis
  • New customers are allowed up to 4 free minutes


  • There are several psychic readers to choose from and this may be problematic to customers
  • Limited platforms, no phone app

Psychic Source


Very Good 9.3

✔ Oldest and most respected psychic service business
✔ A satisfaction guarantee, or money back


  • It has a reputable and long-standing company in business for over 29 years
  • It has experienced psychics, gifted, and a wide array of truly vetted advisors to choose from


  • No readings offered over webcam
  • After the $1 introductory offer, the service gets a bit more expensive



Good 8.3

✔ Satisfaction guaranteed
✔ 24/7 Psychic services


  • Verified Psychic Readers
  • Introductory Offers
  • Ability to choose between Chat and Phone Readings
  • Services are available in both English and Spanish
  • Good Customer Support
  • Free one-question for new users


  • No video reading available
  • Not all attributes are included in the filter function

Top Questions

Are there topics psychic readers can’t talk about?

Depending on what type of reading you are using, yes, there are some things that can’t be talked about. For example, if you are having a telephone or text reading, readers will be unable to discuss health, legal or financial matters. These issues should be discussed with the qualified professionals in these fields. If you are unhappy with this or the reading you can talk to support for that site to discuss the issue or further options.

Can a reader tell exactly what is going to happen to me?

Good psychics can channel what has been going on up until this point in your life and help you to connect to it. They can see things that are further down the line for you. However, whilst you may believe in fate, things are not set in stone, so whilst they may see one future for you, decisions you make along the way (particularly after hearing a reading), may influence your future and therefore cause things to change.

How specific can readers be?

This is a bit of a hard question to answer as this will depend on the length of your session, the breadth and depth of the information you give and the type of reading. Some timings will be given on a broad scale, particularly if you are just looking at the long term. However, on occasion, there can be more specific readings. There is a saying that there’s no time in the spirit world though, so specifics aren’t so clear cut.

How to choose a reader?

Many psychic networks will have a range of different readers available to you. Often they will have a short bio and even a video (which you should definitely watch if they have one). You can even contact support on many of these sites just to have a chat about the kind of reading you want to have and they can make recommendations. Maybe you can even contact other users to find out their experiences of a particular reader.

Which psychic network should I choose?

Choosing the right network is actually all about you. You need to think about yourself and what it is you ultimately want from this reading and connection with the psychic. After you’ve worked this out, it is then time to do some research and see what it is the different networks offer you. It may take a while or you may instantly find one that just “feels right”. If that’s the case, go with your gut.

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With the world becoming increasingly uncertain, it seems we are drawn to seeking answers from unusual places. It’s fortunate then that we chose to offer this regularly updated list of reputable practitioners in this particular field. Our shortlists boast an impressive wealth of editorial reviews and high-quality articles, with the intention of removing the stress from your research experience from finding the best online psychic reader online.

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A love and relationship specialist can help you with the more intimate areas of your life, and help you to reconnect with those around you who are still living. However, online medium readings are a path to connect with those who have passed on. As well as the various readings, Psychic Reading Site reviews are also available to help you make the best choice possible when choosing the best Psychic Reading platform for your needs. So to begin your journey, check out our reviews!