Oranum Psychics Review

Oranum Psychic Reviews

Are you discouraged by the lack of modernity when it comes to psychic platforms online? Maybe you feel a real inhibition to receive an online chat reading because you can’t actually see your psychic?

With Oranum, all these issues are solved. Revolutionizing the psychic industry, they are a service that aims to go beyond convention by offering their services in a way unlike any other psychic reading website.

Inside of this Oranum review, we’ll explain what Oranum is, how it works, the types of readings offered, and what you can expect by using this psychic reading platform.

What is Oranum.com?

Based out of Poland, Oranum is one of the world’s largest spiritual communities, allowing psychics and clients to connect one-on-one through a live webcam platform. Although Oranum is recognized for its many psychics available for readings on their platform, they also have many other skilled spiritual advisors that specialize in areas such as horoscopes, reiki healing, tarot card readings, dream interpretation, and more.

Although Oranum is one of the newer online psychics in the industry, they are already becoming one of the most popular platforms for receiving a live psychic reading.

The reason for Oranum’s popularity is because they don’t offer psychic phone readings or typical online chat readings like its competitors.  All of the readings offered on Oranum are done through a webcam, allowing you to see your psychic the entire duration of the reading.  This unique approach is more personable than a phone session and allows for a deeper connection between you and the psychic reader.

How Does Oranum Work?

oranum Psychic Readings

To register with Oranum is free. Once you’ve entered in your details and created an account, you are able to explore their directory of over 200 experienced and qualified professionals one-by-one or by the type of reading you’re after.

Oranum has a vested interest in making all their users feel comfortable and confident in their service. You are able to chat directly with a psychic for free before paying for a reading to make sure that you’re both feeling good about working together.

Once you’re ready to begin a session, you just need to add credit to your account and hit ‘Start Consultation’.

Types of Psychic Readings Offered on Oranum.com

With such a vast number of advisors, they have a diverse and comprehensive list of readings they offer.

Clairvoyance: Helping people discover answers by tapping into insights from the future, clairvoyants can offer you clarity and understanding on how to solve issues in your present life. Their gifted directory of psychics also includes clairaudients (someone who can hear things that you can’t) and clairsentients (someone who can feel things others may not be able to).

Love & Relationship Readings: For those who are unsure about any aspect of the status of their love life or relationship, then Oranum’s psychics can help. Discover the answers to your heart’s questions and stop living in uncertainty.

Home and Family: Sometimes it is more than just our romantic relationships that need help, but our home and family lives may need a bit of assistance too. Restore peace in your home life and stability to your family with the help of advisors at Oranum.

Tarot and Cards: Using tarot, rune, gypsy, or angel cards, Oranum’s psychics are well-versed in giving readings using these tools. Tarot card readings specifically can offer valuable insights into the future; whether it is about careers, relationships, or something else, you can be sure you’ll get the answers you’re seeking.

Rituals and Energy Readings: Life’s problems can be overwhelming and debilitating, which is why it is essential to seek psychics who can offer healing solutions that will help steer your life down a steadier path. Oranum’s consultants offer their services with the assistance of certain rituals that will cleanse and heal, including chakra and crystal healings.

Dream Interpretation: An ancient practice, dream interpretation is essential to understanding our lives, subconscious, and overall truth. Offering insights into your mind and instincts, allow one of Oranum’s advisors guide you.

Oranum’s diverse offering of services is truly remarkable. In addition to all the above services, they also offer:

  • Astrology
  • Palm reading
  • Numerology
  • Sound Healing

What Makes Oranum Unique from Its Competitors?

As previously mentioned, Oranum is a newer service but has emerged as a real leader thanks to their forward-thinking service. Here is how they are different from their competitors:

$9.99 In Free Credits: Once you signup for Oranum, you’ll receive $9.99 in free credits to spend on your first psychic reading.

Webcam Readings: Oranum is one of the only psychic networks that offer webcam readings. Video chat provides a more intense and personable connection with a psychic than a typical phone or chat reading. Although the psychics on Oranum always have their webcam turned on, it’s up to you whether or not you want to use a webcam during your session.

Free App: Oranum offers a free app available on Itunes. This allows you to connect with your favorite psychic advisors anytime you want.

Screening of Psychics: Oranum is among the few networks that screen their psychics before they go online. They have a spiritual abilities standard that every applicant must pass, demonstrating their commitment to connecting people with advisors who have genuine gifts.

Community Atmosphere: Members have the chance to get to know one another on Oranum, with others’ profiles at their disposal. They also ensure that each member follows their guidelines for a safe and welcoming environment, including the forbiddance of drugs or alcohol.

Pricing and Promotions

Oranum offers an exceptional deal for newcomers. For new account holders, you will get $9.99 in free credits just for signing up and registering on the site. This means that your first reading is on them!

Take away any uncertainty and unsettling feeling with their offer, as it is a one-time special they give their new members only. Your pricing throughout your time with Oranum will vary depending on the type of service you’re after and the individual psychic’s rates.

Final Thoughts: Is Oranum A Scam?

In our opinion, Oranum is definitely not a scam.  It’s one of the most recognized online psychic networks and has been used by thousands of people for psychic readings, tarot readings, love advice, personal horoscopes, and more.  Their website does a great job of creating a community atmosphere between users and the psychics giving readings on their platform.  With $9.99 in free credits for signing up, trying Oranum is virtually risk-free.